L O N D O N - 2 0 0 7

London 2007

On the 27th August, we (class 9c), our teachers Mrs. Röver and Mrs. Walbrodt, Mr. Schröder and the two girls from the 12th form Franziska Loos and Friederike Pauss met in front of the THG to start the 'legendary' class-trip to London.

"Morden"- That is the name of the small town, where we stayed with host families for the whole week. Before arriving there we had to travel about 12 hours and that was a bit strenuous of course, but we had a lot of fun on the bus and a great view at the famous 'White Cliffs' of Dover from the ferry.
In the evening we finally arrived in Morden and all those, who were tired before, were wide awake at once, because everyone was very curios of the host families in which we stayed with two or three people.
Sometimes there were a few funny misunderstandings and two girls didn't like the house of their hosts much, but all in all everyone was very satisfied.

On Tuesday, our first day in London, we went by tube in groups of five or six people who gave themselves names like 'Powerpuff girls' or 'Mausis' to Waterloo Station and saw the first great and famous sights, like the big London Eye, a bit of Westminster Abbey, the beautiful Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. After such a great first impression, a few of us felt a big lack of food in their stomachs, so we stopped at one of the thousand McDonald's in London to fill up our energy. When everyone was fit again, we made a small boat- trip along the Thames past the London Eye and Tower Bridge and finally to the old Tower of London, where we saw the valuable Crown Jewels.
This fantastic first day was finished with a service in the beautiful St. Paul's Cathedral.
On the following days we did a treasure hunt through London and saw the large Buckingham Palace, in which the Queen lives and visited Madame Tussaud's, where we saw all the famous people in the world (some of the girls suppressed the fact that the Brad Pitt they touched was just a wax- figure).
Then we spent a few hours at the big Camden Lock Market, where you can buy nearly everything, saw some guitars of famous stars in the Hard Rock Shop and the great musical 'We Will Rock You' with the music from Queen. Another point of our programme was Greenwich, where we visited the Royal Observatory and then we went back to London - to Covent Garden, where we saw some funny attractions.

At the end of this wonderful week in London, we travelled back home early on Saturday morning with a lot of new impressions on our mind.

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