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Internship-program: our concept


Business English is a basic language skill in our globalized world today. The Business English Department at the THG offers a Cambridge ESOL Certificate (BEC Higher, CEFR Level C1) catering to the needs of our best students from year 12 who want to gain first-hand work experience abroad while still at school. In order to make this course more job-oriented, we are currently working on building up an internship-program for the students taking the BEC.
First off, itīs important to state that, to avoid any intricacies, only our best and most mature students will be chosen for the program.
Second off, we want to stress that we donīt expect any financial support. Our aim is to create new opportunities for our best students by establishing an internship-network that can be implemented into our school-program.
We hope that this program will help our students to cope with their career decision-making professionally by providing the opportunity to exchange their familiar school routine with the particular challenges of working for a company abroad. This enables the students to learn about the specific aspects and basic principles of the working world and dares them to manage different professional responsibilities.
These aims are primarily important for all dedicated students interested in a career in business.


In order to make sure that the students wonīt miss a great deal of educational contents important for their graduation, we are striving to find two week-internships based on the summer and the fall vacations. In 2011, the perfect periods of time are as follows:

July 18 – September 9
October 24 – November 4


We are interested in internships in the US and Europe in general. Due to the fact that the program is based on our Business English Course, English-speaking countries are interesting in particular. If the companies are located outside the English-speaking world, the business language has to be English.


As mentioned above, we donīt expect any financial support. If necessary, the student pays the costs for journey and accommodation, so that no project partner has to bear unnecessary costs.

Coordination and supervision

Internships abroad need coordination and supervision. These areas are covered by Mr. Erik Riemer on the part of the THG. Furthermore, each project partner has to name one person in charge of the internship. Owing to the fact that it is impossible for us to visit all our students abroad, we need one authoritative person of contact.

School responsibilities

The THG is responsible for preparing and choosing the students for the internships. This entails the linguistic and subject-specific skills. Additionally, the school is responsible for the mediation of internships, accommodation and communication matters.

Project partner responsibilities

The project partner should provide access into the companyīs areas of work in various fields. Our students need at least one staff-member who breaks them in and supervises them throughout the internship. This staff-member should also be prepared to communicate with Mr. Riemer at different stages of the internship, so that both sides can exchange information and experiences.

Fields of work

We are not restricted to any particular field of work, but it is important that the students can use their theoretical knowledge in practice. Therefore, they should definitely be introduced to the different departments within a company to see how certain areas of responsibility are organized. Students should also participate in meetings and customer relationship and contact if possible.

Insurance matters

During their stay abroad the students are provided with an accident insurance, so there are no additional obligations for the project partners involved in this field. Being categorized as studentsī events, internships abroad are subject to the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV). If a casualty insurance becomes necessary, the board of education will pay the expenses. It is recommended to the parents to additionally pay for a private health insurance coverage as well, so insurance matters are entirely up to us.

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